Complete Exterior Detailing



We feature a variety of different washes that are chemically designed for different purposes. We use a hand washing, multi-bucket method in order to provide your vehicle with the safest and most effective way to remove dirt and grime. Included in this process is an acid wash of your rims, tires and wheel wells in order to remove all road dirt and grime. 

Clay Bar

Clay barring a vehicle is a highly effective way to remove all of the contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. It is the best way to remove the fine, ground in dirt, as well as road paint, tar and other dangerous debris that cause harm to your vehicle. In order to do the following steps, it is highly recommended that this process be performed first. In its nature, clay barring will leave behind marring. This term is used to define superficial damage that occurs on your paint either by the debris itself, or the removal of it.


Polishing of your vehicle's paint is the only true way to provide your paint with a long lasting finish and the only way to remove scratches and damage caused to your clear coat from things like: natural wear and tear, improper washing techniques, improper waxing techniques, clay barring, and any other harmful action against your vehicles clear coat. In this process, we will be removing a fine layer of your clear coat in order to remove the damage caused to it. It takes years of experience to learn the proper techniques, as well as the proper tools, chemicals and possibilities of removing the damage.


After the contaminants have been removed and the damage has been polished away, the next step is applying a variety of substances in order to protect your paint from future contamination and damage. Some of these products can be layered one over the other; others are recommended to be used solely by themselves. 


Waxing a vehicle is the oldest and most common form of protecting a vehicle from the various elements that your vehicle is exposed too. They are normally made of different substances such as carnauba, bee's wax, and a variety of polymer blends. We offer a wide range of waxes from elite and pure waxes to cleaner waxes and glazes, we will discuss with you which one would best suit your vehicle's needs and your desired outcome.


Sealants are often confused with waxes, although they are essentially the same, they offer several differences that attract customers. The main difference between sealants and waxes is that a sealant is almost always a pure polymer product. Although carnauba and other natural products sometimes appear in them, it is rare.


Generally coatings are the best way to protect your car from all contaminants and eventual damage. At Two Guys Detailing we offer the brand name Ceramic Pro. For more information, visit their website at www.ceramicpro.com.

Complete Interior Detailing

Here at Two Guys Detailing, our main focus is always to get your car as close to new as possible. We try very hard to provide you with the highest quality of interior cleanliness. 


We will be using commercial grade vacuum cleaners that provide amplified suction to remove all of the loose contaminants from your carpeting.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction is a process that removes all fine ground in dirt, as well as staining in your upholstery. This process is done by using extremely hot water (180-200 degrees Fahrenheit) to dissolve all of the foreign materials immediately followed by a high powered, focused vacuum to pull the dirt out.  

Panel wipe down and treatments

Using a wide variety of chemicals we will remove all plastic staining, dirt, grime, contaminates, and foreign matter. We will be using specialized brushes to remove the dirt from around all of the vehicle's nobs, gauges, and crevices. During this process we will also remove any obvious dirt from the inside of the vents. Also, we will be addressing your door jambs and kick panels around the doors of the vehicle by wiping out any obvious dirt. 

Upon request we will use a dressing to bring a rich, deep shine to all of the panels on the interior. 

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning  

Using specialized chemicals that are certified safe for usage on leather, as well as steam, we will remove all foreign dirt from the surface of the leather. After several rounds of cleaning, we will wait for the surface to dry and immediately apply a leather conditioning treatment. This will protect against future contamination as well as cracking and fading. 

Scent Treatments

Upon request, we will apply a scent treatment to your vehicle. We will apply it and allow it to spread throughout the vehicle, removing any scents left inside with a built in enzyme. 

Window Cleaning

We will clean both the interior and exterior of the windows, providing you with a crystal clear view. 

Engine Compartment

Due to the high possibility of damage that steam cleaners and power washers can do to the wiring and various components of a vehicle, we offer a hand wash of the engine bay. This provides a clean surface for us to dress and protect the plastic panels under your hood.